Car Air Conditioning Service Tullamarine

Air Conditioning

Has your air conditioner stopped blowing cold air? Considering the vast array of temperatures we experience in Australia, having a functioning air conditioner is vital to your comfort on the road. 

We can repair and re-gas air conditioners on all vehicles and are a licensed ARC (ARC Licence #AU33435) air conditioning service centre. To book in for a repair on your air conditioning system, contact us today.

Cooling System Repairs

At Moving Motors we are cooling system specialists. We can repair or replace any cooling system components to get your vehicle running at the correct temperature and prevent any overheating. If your car is overheating, it must be repaired promptly before any major damage occurs. 

We can flush your cooling system to ensure coolant flows efficiently and cools your engine adequately. For more information, or to book a repair, please don't hesitate to contact us.